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Happy Anniversary Mp3 VERIFIED Download

Every relationship is different so tailor your card specifically for the recipient. Speak from the heart and depending on your relationship, be as encouraging, funny or romantic as you can. As you write, follow these steps for the perfect anniversary card.

Happy Anniversary Mp3 Download

It is a joy to watch your children grow and fall in love. Think of your kids or grandchildren and their partners every year on their anniversary. Whether they admit it or not, they will love to hear your words of love and encouragement.

Happy New Year and Happy 20th Anniversary of the Gilman Scholarship! In honor of this 20th anniversary, we are joined by Gilman alumnus Josh Berry this month. Josh Berry was one of the first-ever Gilman scholars who traveled to Chile with the program in 2002. Josh is now an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the U.S. and is a skilled storyteller. In this episode, he talks about his experience filling out a paper application for the scholarship, exploring seemingly dead-ends abroad, and tips on developing storytelling as an essential leadership skill.

Do you have a student playing in a school band? Give him a custom composition to perform at his spring concert or jazz festival. Is it your 20th wedding anniversary? Give your spouse a song written by their favorite big band leader.This is an exclusive chance to honor a special occasion with a distinctive piece of music written especially for you by an internationally known and award-winning composer. There are three levels to choose from: Level 3 - $10,000 (2 Available)Gordon will write a piece for full big band for you. The piece will be recorded by members of the Big Phat Band (subject to availability) Please note: You will have the opportunity to discuss parameters about your piece with Gordon, but the execution and final creative decisions rest entirely with Gordon Goodwin. Wingood Music Productions, Inc. to retain all rights to compositions.

As you may or may not know, philanthropy has been a big part of my life for a long time. I've found that artists like myself are uniquely positioned to raise awareness and make a difference in our own communities and beyond. As such, about a year ago, I decided to make philanthropy a more permanent part of my life by establishing the SOS Foundation. The goal here is to use music, both recorded and live, to raise money for causes I'm passionate about. With the help of some amazing people, I'm happy to announce the upcoming release of the first SOS Foundation record. This is a follow up of a record we put out years ago called SOS:Save Our Soul, which was a covers record. This new record will be similar except that we dug a little deeper into history and pulled together a fantastic playlist of cover songs ranging from Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke, Aretha Franklin and many more. Most importantly, 50% of all profits will go to our charitable partner, City Of Refuge. City Of Refuge is an Atlanta, GA based organization that does some of the most comprehensive work, dealing with homelessness and poverty, in the country! My first encounter with COR was 2 years ago when I performed for one of their fundraisers in Atlanta. I was able to meet with the folks that work there and the folks that are served by the work that COR does. I was so impressed with what I saw that day that I began to research more about the group and, needless to say, became convinced that I wanted to get involved in any way I could. Through vocational training, youth education, and lifetime job placement assistance, COR is more successful at getting people permanently out of poverty than any other program I've ever seen. You can see for yourself the amazing work they're doing at City of Refuge .


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