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Mulan (2020)

Preceding the release of the film a sequence of backlashes occurred that only became worse as its release neared. Mulan star, Liu Yifei, stated in August 2019 that she supported the Hong Kong police who were fighting against the pro-democracy protestors. Following Mulan (2020)'s release, people noticed that Disney thanked Xinjiang province for letting them film there; this was a marketing problem because Muslim Uyghurs are being detained in concentration camps in the area.

Mulan (2020)

Then the cultural backlash came from ethnic Chinese people or people who are acquainted with Imperial Chinese culture. Historical fantasy author Xiran Jay Zhao addresses the cultural inaccuracies of the film in one of the most famous Mulan (2020) review videos on YouTube.

The iconic Disney Renaissance of the 1990s was quite a monumental time. Starting with The Little Mermaid (1989), the studio released a series of hits which changed the world of animation. Disney has always been at the forefront of family entertainment, but it was the groundbreaking string of films including Beauty and The Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992) and Lion King (1994) that catapulted their their output into the highest artistic regard. This unprecedented hot streak had such a lasting impact on cinematic culture, which is probably why Disney is having a tough time moving past it. Many of those films have been remade in live-action with mixed results. Of all the animated classics, Mulan (1998) had the most potential for an interesting redo. With that in mind, acclaimed director Niki Caro dives headfirst into her interpretation of Mulan (2020).

Mulan (2020) has strong messages about the strength and bravery you need to break free from gender-based cultural norms and stereotypes. Mulan is a great role model for girls because she realises that her strength lies not in pretending to be a man but in being a powerful woman. The other central message in this movie is about loyalty to family and country.

MulanOfficial Disney PrincessBiographical InformationOriginal filmMulan (1998 film)NumberFivePrinceLi ShangPhysical DescriptionRaceChineseHair colorBlackEye colorBrownAppearancesVoice actorLiu YifeiAppearancesMulan (2020 film)Hua Mulan is the fifth live-action Disney Princess. She starred in the 2020 live-action remake of Mulan. It was scheduled to release in theatres on 27th March 2020 but has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The film has been announced to release in theatres on July 24 2020 but had been delayed for the second time to August 21 2020 and it has finally released on Disney+ on 4th September 2020, however it is an extra on Disney+ and is part of the premier access for a price of $30/20.

Do-GooderFull NameHua MulanAlias(es)Hua Jun (first movie, when dressed as a man)OriginMulan (2020)OccupationFarm girlSoldier/General of the Imperial armyImperial agent/counselor to the Emperor 041b061a72


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