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Goodbye To Gravity - The Day We Die

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Goodbye to Gravity - The Day We Die


Kelsey had a necklace that she never took off, a small silver heart given to her by her grandparents. The day after her passing, Randy and Elise visited their daughter in the mortuary to say a final goodbye. Upon finding the necklace with the remains of her daughter, Elise clasped the heart around her neck, letting it fall near her own heart, where she plans to keep it for the rest of her life.

Each morning he would ask if I had been to church before coming to the hospital. Every night we would pray, and just before I left I would trace a cross on his forehead and say goodbye. One night he did not reply. He died a few hours later, while his nurse read Psalms.

At first, I also had views of the virus being some distant concern that would only make world news headlines and never have a material impact on our island shores, which are so physically isolated from the rest of the world. In only a matter of weeks and here we are today, where you don't need the TV, radio, newspaper and social media to remind you of the gravity of the situation and the pervasive impact it is having on our way of life. 041b061a72


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