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The artistic universe of Hubert and Isabelle d'Ornano, Sisley's founders, has strongly influenced the brand. Through their creations (made in France), they have sought to convey emotion and exception, seeking to differentiate themselves from cosmetics' major trends. The development of the make-up line is distinguished by its quality: this top-of-the-range collection dedicates the best of Sisley's skin care expertise to color. Let yourself surrender to these extremely high-quality products that meet the needs of all beauty and skin types.


In a 2015 article by Gwyneth Paltrow's "lifestyle brand" GOOP, Sisley Paris, appears in a list of the 9 'Most Luxurious' body treatments in the world. Sisley is included for the Sisley Supremya Facial at the Sense Spa in the Carlyle Hotel, New York, which involves "massaging a laundry list of wildly-expensive Sisley creams and serums into your skin." The at-home version of the experience from a "bottle of Supremya Night serum ($795, costs more than the facial at the Carlyle; it does last longer, however".[8]

D'Ornano is considered cosmetics industry royalty: his grandfather Guillaume co-founded Lancôme in 1935 before selling his shares in the 1950s. Hubert joined his father and brother Michel to launch Orlane, a luxury skincare brand they went on to sell in 1968.

Sisley certainly isn't the first European beauty brand to benefit from recent popularity in Asia. In 2011, Austrian former packaging exec Reinold Geiger took L'Occitane public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming a billionaire in the process. That year, half of the French artisanal cosmetics firm's $844 million revenues came from Asia, with 25% from Japan alone.

Hubert d'Ornano isn't just cosmetics royalty, he's a true blue-blood: a Count. Isabelle d'Ornano also comes from aristocratic stock, descended from Poland's Queen Barbara Radziwill (yes, that Radziwill -- her uncle was Jackie Kennedy Onassis' brother-in-law).

We always take our time to do the best possible product and launch it when (and only when) it is ready. We do not aim to create luxury but instead try to bring very efficient products to cosmetics. The value in Sisleÿa La Cure is linked to its scientific innovation, formulation and results. We think there is a real demand for a high results product that slows the ageing of the skin while keeping the harmony and personality of each kind of beauty. Once a product is ready, we launch it.

You can buy the desired Sisley cosmetics and perfumes in MAKEUP online store for a reasonable price. Read our detailed descriptions and clients' reviews to make a choice. Place an order now, and we will process it quickly and deliver it to the necessary address safely.

So that Sisley cosmetics always respond to the stated quality, each new product is developed for more than one year, after which it is refined and tested in the best laboratories of France. For example, it took manufacturers more than 10 years to create the famous Sisley anti-aging cream! And it took whole 15 years to make popular men's fragrance Eau d'Ikar perfect.

One of the most popular positions in decorative cosmetics is a lipstick Rouge a Levres Hydratant Longue Tenue. Its formula has remained unchanged for many years, and its popularity continues to grow. And here is the iconic perfume Eau du Soir - a gift to wife Isabel from Hubert d'Ornano.

For the occasion, the French cosmetics brand privatized its 360 m mansion on Avenue de Friedland and invited 40 carefully selected Parisiennes to go live a customized and exclusive experience around the Sisley universe and its exceptional products.

Organic and wildcrafted, buzzwords among the beauty conscious, have been the guiding codes of Sisley since its inception (the brand refrains from labeling itself organic as many of their ingredients are wild-harvested). The lines between their makeup and skincare categories are blurred since their colour cosmetics also have skincare benefits, thanks to the generous presence of nourishing oils, herbs, and active botanicals.

Sisley has been pushing the boundaries of beauty and skincare for over 40 years. Today, we lift the veil on this family-run brand and discover exactly why it is the crème de la crème of French cosmetics. 041b061a72


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