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The Karate Kid Part III

In September 1985, John Kreese, broke and destitute after the loss of his students due to the events in The Karate Kid, visits his Vietnam War comrade, a shady businessman named Terry Silver. Silver vows to personally help him get revenge on Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi and re-establish Cobra Kai. Silver sends Kreese to Tahiti to relax and hires Mike Barnes, a vicious national karate champion, to challenge Daniel at the upcoming All-Valley Karate Tournament. Upon returning to Los Angeles from Okinawa, Daniel and Miyagi discover that the South Seas apartment complex is being renovated, leaving Miyagi unemployed and Daniel homeless. Miyagi allows Daniel to live in his home, as his mother Lucille is in New Jersey to care for his ill uncle. Daniel uses his college funds to help finance Miyagi's dream of opening a bonsai shop, and Miyagi makes him a partner in the business. Meanwhile, Silver approaches Daniel and Miyagi as a friend, claiming that Kreese is dead and that he is apologizing on his behalf.

The Karate Kid Part III

Later, after successfully apologizing to Miyagi, Daniel visits Silver at the Cobra Kai dojo to tell him he will not compete in the tournament. Silver discloses his true agenda to Daniel as Barnes and Kreese appear. Barnes begins to beat Daniel, but Miyagi intervenes and defeats Kreese, Silver, and Barnes. After the scuffle, he finally agrees to train Daniel. At the tournament, Silver reveals his plan to use Cobra Kai's victory to re-establish Cobra Kai and turn it into a business franchise. Barnes reaches the final round to challenge Daniel. Silver and Kreese instruct Barnes to make Daniel suffer by successfully gaining and losing points using illegal tactics. The match ends in a sudden death overtime. Daniel wants to quit, but Miyagi urges him to continue, saying Daniel must not lose to his fear and that his best karate is still inside him. With this encouragement, Daniel performs the kata and strikes Barnes to win the tournament, while Kreese and Silver become dispirited with their plans to revive Cobra Kai now over.

The Karate Kid Part II is a 1986 American martial arts drama film written by Robert Mark Kamen and directed by John G. Avildsen. It is the second installment in the Karate Kid franchise and the sequel to the 1984 film The Karate Kid, starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. The Karate Kid Part II follows Daniel LaRusso (Macchio), who accompanies his karate teacher Mr. Miyagi (Morita) to see his dying father in Okinawa, only to encounter an old friend-turned-rival with a long-harbored grudge against Miyagi.

Six months later, Daniel and Ali have ended their relationship, and Daniel lives with Miyagi after his mother accepted a job in Fresno. Miyagi receives a letter notifying him that his father is dying, prompting him to return to his home village on Okinawa Island. He tells Daniel that many years ago, he fell in love with a woman named Yukie. She was arranged to marry his best friend Sato, son of the wealthiest man in the village and fellow karate student of his father. Upon announcing his intentions to marry Yukie, Sato challenged him to a fight to the death. Rather than fight, however, Miyagi left the country. Daniel decides to accompany him back to Okinawa.

Other notable cast appearances include BD Wong (credited as "Bradd Wong") as an Okinawan boy who invites Daniel and Kumiko to a dance club and Clarence Gilyard as one of the participants in the ice-breaking scene. Also, Traci Toguchi, who is credited as "Girl Bell Ringer", is the child rescued by Daniel in the typhoon, and is later identified as "Yuna" in the Cobra Kai season three episode "Miyagi-Do".

Arriving via taxicab back at the site of Daniel's apartment, Daniel and Mr. Miyagi find that the building has been sold by the landlord, and the new owner has evicted everyone and is renovating it to build a spa and condominiums. Mr. Miyagi is now out of a job and Daniel and his mother are homeless. The neighbor who informs them of this, tells Daniel that Lucille asked for Daniel to call her collect at the home of Lucille's uncle, Louie, with whom she is now staying.

As he prepares to be driven off to a social event, Silver speaks to his staff about what portion of his revenge plan he has chosen to share with him. This involves procuring a new wardrobe and vehicle for him that will make him look poor and humble, hiding his status as a wealthy entrepreneur. As he rides in his chauffeured limo, Silver browses through a karate magazine and finds exactly what he was looking for-- a young champion with a record of tournament victories and a ruthless attitude. The article calls him 'karate's bad boy' -- Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan). Daniel is arriving back at Mr. Miyagi's home, where Mr. Miyagi has just finished preparing supper and he tells Mr. Miyagi exactly what the elderly mentor does not want to hear; instead of registering for college, he used the tuition money to pay for a lease on an available store for Mr. Miyagi to open a bonsai shop. Daniel insists that he wouldn't be able to finish college if he was taking courses there just for the sake of continuing his education-- he needs the break from schooling and the store's success can then put him through college once he's ready to start his college career. Gushing with excitement, Daniel drives Mr. Miyagi (without them eating supper) to the empty store lot he's leased. The store is run-down but Daniel isn't worried; it's opportunity knocking. He even points out a pottery shop right across the street where they can strike a deal for planters. Mr. Miyagi is less enthused than Daniel about the opening of the shop, but seeing that this time, he cannot budge Daniel, consents-- on the condition that Daniel is his full partner in the shop instead of his employee.

Silver is sitting in a bath, giving dictation for letters to his secretary, when he's told that Mike Barnes has arrived as per his invitation. Silver introduces Barnes to two young neighborhood toughs named Snake (Jonathan Avildsen) and Dennis (William Christopher Ford) who Silver has hired to assist Barnes with everything he'll need. Barnes will live and train on Silver's property, and if he achieves the goal of beating Daniel in the All-Valley tournament, he'll receive 25% ownership in the new chain of Cobra Kai dojos Silver has opened. Barnes states that he wants 50% ownership, making him a full partner. Silver finds this a little too ambitious and offers 35%. Barnes thanks Silver for the hospitality and starts to leave. Impressed at the kid's moxie, Silver gives in-- Barnes will be a fully equal, 50% owner. Mr. Miyagi and Daniel are gathering a wild sapling to cultivate as a bonsai, and Mr. Miyagi explains the significance of a bonsai tree's strong roots-- something it has in common with Daniel's inner heart and spirit, where his karate comes from-- only the root of it came from Mr. Miyagi himself, and that root allowed Daniel's spirit to grow and flourish. Daniel is puzzled, as Bonsai are cultivated with wires and clippers, but Mr. Miyagi says that 'true' bonsai grow wild without any aid from caretakers. Mr. Miyagi has seen them in his homeland in Okinawa. In America, he's only seen one-- the one personal treasure he brought from his homeland, which he's planted in a nearby gorge called Devil's Cauldron. Finding a peaceful, secluded spot on a hill, Mr. Miyagi begins to teach Daniel a kata, or form, practiced by members of Mr. Miyagi's family. As they practice, the camera pans away to show Devil's Cauldron.

The next day, Daniel and Mr. Miyagi are working in the shop, getting it ready for opening. As they prepare one of the bonsai trees Mr. Miyagi has been caring for, Daniel tells him about a letter from the All-Valley Tournament announcing a change in the rules-- as the defending champion, Daniel would only need to compete in the final match; he gets a free pass through all the preliminary, quarter-final, and semi-final stages. But despite this, Mr. Miyagi is unwilling to sponsor Daniel to defend his championship in the tournament. He had done it the previous year in order to help him escape the bullying and harassment he had undergone at the hands of Kreese's students. Now that Kreese was no longer a problem for them, the tournament had no more meaning to them-- karate, to Mr. Miyagi, is worthless when used as a sport. Daniel goes to the pottery shop across the street to buy a pot for the bonsai tree. Working at the shop, molding a pot out of clay, is an attractive red-haired girl named Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively). Daniel tells her a little bit about the shop he and Mr. Miyagi are opening, which stirs Jessica's interest, as she loves bonsai trees. Daniel shows her the size and shape of pots he's looking to buy and arranges for Jessica to make embossments of a bonsai tree on a few of them as a trademark of the shop. As he leaves, he says, 'see you soon,' and Jessica asks, 'how soon?' showing she is interested in him. Taking the offered bone, he sets up a date with Jessica for that night at 7 pm.

Daniel picks up Jessica and she starts to explain that she is in the process of reconciling with a boyfriend she'd broken up with, and was going to see him again when she went back home to Columbus, Ohio for Thanksgiving. She's apologetic for coming on strong, because she'd been in L.A. for two months and has no real friends. Taking the news much better than Jessica had hoped, Daniel says he'll be her first friend in L.A. and offers to bring her to the bonsai store to meet Mr. Miyagi. After making the introductions and Miyagi starts heading home, Daniel brings Jessica inside the store to show her around, and the work they've done on it so far. Jessica is interested when Daniel tells her that Mr. Miyagi has been teaching him karate; even more so when Daniel shows how Miyagi can make lessons out of the most seemingly disconnected tasks. He has Jessica do the hand motions she used when she was molding a ceramic pot, and shows how she can use those motions to defend against a mugger. But just then, worse trouble than a mere mugger invites itself into the shop, Snake and Barnes. They've found out that Daniel has chosen not to enter the All-Valley tournament and are here to see that he changes his mind-- Barnes' financial future is riding on facing Daniel for the championship. They have brought a new application for Daniel to sign. When he refuses, Barnes is ready to fight him then and there, but Snake pulls him back, suggesting they let Daniel 'sleep on it.' 041b061a72


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