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Buy Hushamok Baby Hammock !FULL!

The idea of using a hammock never crossed my mind until my first son was 8 months old or so. A friend of mine had a baby the same age and she slept through the night and took naps all in her hammock. While I (nor anyone else) can say it was the hammock for sure that made for such great sleeping habits, I thought I would try it with this next baby. My first son just started sleeping all night and he is almost two. Even now he wakes up one time a night every so often. It has been exhausting.

buy hushamok baby hammock

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Babies are born with soft, pliable skulls, so when they rest in the same position on a regular basis, their head can develop a flat spot where it presses against a mattress as found in nursery furniture such as cribs and baby bassinets.

One of the things I wanted to be sure of was that my choice was a safe sleeping environment for my baby. I also co-sleep, which when done correctly is very safe. I like having my baby close by the bed or in my arms. At first glance, a hammock seems unsafe simply because it moves around.

First of all, the Hushamok has passed the safety tests of the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). The hammock should only be used until a baby begins rolling or sitting. This coincides with a baby or 4-6 months. Since the hammock easily rocks and sways this is pretty logical. The way the stand and hammock are made makes for a very stable base. Anyone who has heard of the Amby Hammock recall knows there were a couple of incidences of babies suffocating after they rolled in their hammocks. It seems the hammock was set up incorrectly.

The Hushamok sets up very easy thanks to their easy (and fool proof) to put together stand. I have the Aluminum stand. There are 4 pieces which notch together. There is no other way to put them together. The wide base gives the hammock stability.

Truly, the main reason I chose the Hushamok was for the beauty of it! I could stare at it all day. I swore before kids that the junky plastic toys and tacky swings with crazy accessories would never enter my house. Guess what? They did. But this hammock makes me happy because it is a functional piece of art for my baby to sleep in. If I had the money I would have upgraded to to Okoa stand. Still, the aluminum stand is still beautiful, and in its own way since a brushed aluminum has a modern and sleek look to it.

Since the baby has arrived the Hushamok has been wonderful for naps time and early nights. I do still co-sleep the majority of the night because secretly I love it, but practically, he wakes to nurse often and we both get more sleep this way. During the day when it is time for a nap I take my sleeping baby and lay him in the hammock. If he wakes early and I know he still needs/wants to sleep, I gently bounce the hammock (since it is on a spring this is very easy to do) and he falls back asleep. This can also easily be done from the bed since the hammock is directly next to my bed. If I have gone to bed while he was sleeping in the hammock and he wakes, I can lift him right from my bed to get him and nurse him.

One trick I have found is that if I lay a heating pad inside the hammock before I know I am putting him in for a nap or bed (and remove it of course) it makes it easier for him to lay down. There are times I try laying him in and he wakes, and part of this is that the mattress is cold and he was used to laying on me. Having the mattress warmed up keeps him happy.

The hammock also comes with a travel bag. The stand can be disassembled and the whole things fits into the bag. This is a nice feature for traveling families to keep a consistent sleep environment for their baby without taking up too much space. The bag is around the same size of a pack and play folded up, maybe smaller.

There will be another Hushamok review in a few months of the MySeat, which is a harness seat that can be used as a gentle place to put your younger baby, all the way to a super cozy place for your young child to read a book.

The hammock was purchased by me for review. No compensation was received for my review and all opinions are 100% my own and genuine. Giveaway ends on November 30. Winner will be chosen using If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn. *Open to US and Canada*

She took to it instantly. We noticed how the mattress formed to her body and enveloped her gently and securely when we placed her in her hammock. Watching her sleep soundly in it during naps and at night is truly a sigh of relief. She also suffered from reflux from birth, and I feel confident placing her in her hammock at night that she is in the best position possible for her health and well-being.

Give your newborn the most natural sleeping area with the Okoa Baby Hammock by Hushamok. Offering a cozy cushion, this hammock produces a natural swinging and rocking momentum. With this, your baby will drift off to sleep at every naptime. Featuring European beech wood, the Okoa Hammock is durable and sturdy so you can be certain your baby is safe. In addition, it has a beautiful crescent shape to the frame. It is within this shape that the hammock nestles perfectly. This area allows the hammock to swing with natural and fluid movement. Complete with aluminum die castings, the Okoa Hammock is a wonderful addition to any nursery. Finally, it comes with two organic cotton sheets and a mattress.

August 17, 2008 Ahh parenthood, how can something so wonderful be so frightening at the same time... wonderful that you can finally hold your precious baby in your arms, frightening because you are responsible for making sure your baby is free from harm. One of the greatest fears is whether your child will be safe whilst they are asleep and many parents could tell you they have spent countless hours worrying about the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The American SIDS Institute has a number of recommendations to reduce the risk of SIDS including putting your baby to sleep on its back rather than their stomach or side.

The Hushamok hammock gives new parents the best of both worlds. It is not just an unusual and stylish piece of furniture for the nursery; it is also designed to enable your baby to sleep safely and soundly on their back during those vital early years of life.

The design of Hushamok is certainly something to look at; the stylish stand would be at home in any room and is available in lightweight aluminum, sustainable European beech or lightweight steel. The hammock is made of 100% organic cotton, is machine-washable and comes in a dazzling array of colors including bright green, orange and pink. A unique feature is the patented leaf spring which connects the hammock to the stand and once baby is inside, gently sways with a natural motion to help lull baby into the land of nod.

Other design elements of the Hushamok include a slight elevation at head level which helps to prevent acid reflux and the snug design together with the gentle swaying motion of the hammock may help prevent colic in some babies. Flat-head syndrome can also be avoided by putting babies to sleep on their backs.

We know how important newborn sleep is for you and your baby. Thisessential piece of modern baby furniture offers a soothing natural motion that is proven to create restful sleep for babies. Hushamok baby hammocks are an alternative to the traditional baby bassinet offering the next best thing to the womb with it's natural swinging and rocking motion that induces sleep in babies.Hushamok baby hammocks are ideal for those babies that suffer from infant colic and reflux.The Hushamok baby hammock set includes an organic baby hammock inun-dyed organic cotton mattress and 2 matching fitted sheets. Stand sold separately.

A baby hammock has benefits for development and wellbeing of a newborn. Baby hammocks are, just like the name said, designed with babies in mind so that the little one can not fall out. A particular benefit for babies is the gentle rocking, which calms them down helps them fall asleep quickly.

The market of baby hammocks is relatively large, and it is usually not easy to choose a model. This article should give you a reasonable basis for the decision when you consider buying a hammock swing. This constant gentle movement will lull your baby to sleep

This hammock chair for babies is designed from the finest materials. It is meant for babies, that already can sit and should help them to fall asleep. The design features a natural swing system that is guaranteed to rock your baby to sleep gently. The stand is highly durable and the hammock seat is made from natural, 100% organic cotton. The seat is easy to adjust/adapt for older children up to a maximum weight of 50 pounds/22kg.

For a baby hammock swing, you will definitely need a baby hammock stand. Some baby hammocks you can purchase as a set, mostly those ones that have two anchor points. Baby hammocks with one anchor point have that advantage, that they rotate 360 degrees. This natural rocking motion gets your baby to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. But sometimes they come without a stand, and you should choose one by your self.

In a baby hammock, babies can indeed only sleep on their backs, but a baby hammock is neither flat nor firm and could be dangerous for babies. On the other side, there are experts with a different opinion.

So buy a hammock made of non-toxic material, make sure the stand is sturdy and stable. A hammock could help your baby to fall asleep. Be grateful for these moments; read a book, watch tv, eat a tasty lunch. But NEVER leave your baby alone in a room in a hammock. If you are near your baby, you can act in every unsafe situation that might come up.

Baby hammocks are very mobile, which is an advantage over the crib. This fact creates many opportunities to give your child a physical closeness to his parents. No matter whether you are in the kitchen, or bad, or even outside, your baby can be anywhere near you, feel your presence and feel secure. 041b061a72


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